Sunday, January 3, 2010

White Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year...complete with snow! The kids (and adults!) were SO excited.  It started snowing as we came home from Christmas Eve service, and nothing could have made it feel more like Christmas!  We put reindeer food out, and by morning it was buried.  Here is J trying to catch a flake on his tongue. :)

Here are Daddy and Jonah making snow angels and sledding....

This year was definitely the year of the superhero for J....all gifts revolved around Star Wars, Transformers, Batman or the like.  I love this picture....doesn't he look great?!  I know these are the type of pictures that will still melt my heart when I'm 90....

We let Jonah open one present on Christmas favorite gift was a new camera lens that lets me get great shots like this :)

J did ask Santa to bring A a Tinkerbell costume, however, so that was sweet. :)  We had a good laugh, because A is not quite as "dainty" as her costume....we joked that it was kind of like a bull in a party dress!!  Here she is pushing her new stroller.

And here is Tinkerbell again with Dad G!

We went to visit Mama Lee in the rehab hospital...and J and A loved for Grammy to take them on rides in the wheelchair.  A very funny site, believe me!  Here is A with Grammy...

We also had a great visit with she is with J, A and Gordy and Char's kids....

We had a wonderful time with my side of the family in Arkansas.  J even said to KK (on our last night there), "KK, isn't it crazy how the time flies so fast? Tomorrow I have to go home!"

A fell in love with Lucy the bulldog, and she really took off walking on my birthday!  Here we are before all going to dinner to celebrate my 29th birthday (and holding!) ;)

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  1. KG was looking at your pictures with me, and she said, "That's a cute family!!" :) I agreed with her.