Monday, January 4, 2010

J is 5, and Mommy is emotional

Three days after Christmas and 2 days after my birthday we get to celebrate our first little miracle.  He was born against even greater odds than we knew at the time....and it makes us very thankful for his strong-will that he was fighting from the very beginning. :)  We always have a pretty low-key birthday, as we celebrate with both families during Christmas and then have a friend birthday party some other day.  I'll admit, his turning 5 has been a little difficult on me.  I can't help but think about all the things that will happen this year.  I have such a little bit of time with him left at home, and I'm so sad to think about how fast it went.  We are so blessed to have this tender, funny, strong-willed, all-boy, crazy, loving, loyal little boy in our lives.  Thank you, Lord!

Ever since he turned 5, he refers to himself as "the five year old" in "come here, sissy, and give some love to the five year old," and "mommy, now that i'm a five year old i need 5 pieces of candy, not 4."  J constantly makes us laugh!

Here is J with his Star Wars's hilarious!

When he woke up we had all his presents from us and a sign for him...he hung it on his door! :)  Please notice his hair...he has great bed-head in the mornings!

Jonah loves he is in a Bumblebee helmet, gun and PJ's.

And for breakfast:  a blue number 5!

We love you, J--more than you will ever know (or at least until you have a son of your own!)

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  1. i am SO glad you started will love it!! i SO understand the sentimentality...i am having such a hard time w/ starting kinder. in the fall!! i just can't believe it goes so fast. love ya, sis!