Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day!
Well, this week has been the longest in my mommy experience.  Pink Eye, stomach bug, UTIs, bronchitis, snow, and NO WATER to clean up the sickness.  bleh!  Finally, the kids were able to enjoy the snow by Saturday, so thankfully there was still some left! It's always fun to get snow in Waco, b/c you never know if you're gonna get any next year. :)
Here are the kids breaking free after many days cooped up...

going on a snow adventure with Daddy 

 fun with Daddy in the snow!
 Mommy needs at least one pic on this side of the camera to show she was there. :)
 snow ball fight!  Daddy doesn't hold anything back!
 so, neither should Jonah...
 ha, ha!  great hit!!
 our little snow bunny. :)
right before the snowball hit my lens. :(

 making fresh tracks in the back yard!
love my little bundled up munchkins!

bear crawl in the snow :)

All in all, a great day....after a horrible week.  I'm not usually a complainer, but Lordy Mercy, this week...let's just say it was a difficult one.  I can handle sick kids, but having no water to clean up the, eh, sickness about did me in.  When child #2 started throwing up on Thursday night, I literally prayed to God asking Him to give us water....and on Friday morning at 6:56 am, it started pouring out!  We were so excited, but then a second later, a little bit mad b/c we realized the pipes hadn't been frozen all needless to say a call to the water department is in store.  Whatever the cause, thank you Lord for caring about the small things like our need to water in the midst of sickness!!

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