Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Start

Well, 2010 proved very bad for me and blogging.  I am very inspired by my friends who find, or rather make, the time to blog consistently.  I really want to do so this year, and in fact, that is a new year's resolution of mine so that I won't forget what is going on with my kids!  Things are changing so quickly, and I don't want to forget a thing.  So, I've compiled some pics from 2010 to wrap up the year, and hope to start the new year fresh with, forgive the extremely long post! It's mainly for my records.

Jonah and Ainsley really started to play (and sometimes torment) each other....such fun siblings!
 Ainsley is really rocking the rolls this month....

 I love this pic....such a capture of how J loves and protects A....
 A loved to get in my jewelry drawer....
 Jonah went on his first duck hunt and it was a great success!!
what in the world?!  it snowed a TON in late February and we got to build a huge snowman in our yard.  It was SO fun, and was a good practice run for our trip to Montana in March.

We took Jonah skiing for the first time with both sets of grandparents.  It was A LOT of fun, and Jonah did great!  By the end of the week, he skied some blacks!  Mommy was a little worried, but he did great. :)

Happy Easter!  
 Ainsley liked Peeps. :)

 Jonah started Spring is Coach Daddy celebrating Jonah's first goal of the season. :)
 A thought she was a part of EVERY team that Jonah played on this year.  Mommy barely gets to watch a game, because A is running on to the field to join in the game!
 April, of course, means bluebonnet pics. :)

Jonah played T-Ball again with a bunch of friends from HCBC on his was a fun team!
In May Jonah went hunting with Daddy at the 4-J, and Daddy took some great pic of him in the beautiful bluebonnet fields there!

 We took Ainsley to the zoo for the first time on a family outing....
Jonah sang in his first program at church, and had no mishaps! :)
And, we took the kids to the circus, which was a lot of fun....except for the lame cat show...we couldn't figure out why that was in the circus at all!
 Jonah finished pre-school, which was so hard to believe, and made Mommy extremely sad.  He was part of a wonderful class, and was so excited to be a kindergartner!
Ainsley sported her red, white and blue for Memorial Day...and got quite the laughs!  Can't you just eat her up?
In May, we didn't really celebrate Mother's Day (also our 12th anniversary!) because Mommy was horribly sick....thus no pics.  :(

Daddy talked Mommy into trying out triathlons, and I really liked it!  Here I am after my first one...did another in July, and hope to do more in 2011!  The first one had a really scary swim, because there were huge waves, and lots of people had to be saved....but all in all, a good experience!

We also went to Destin with my side of the family for our annual June is Ainsley doing handstands on the beach with Grant. :)

 love this precious kiddos.  I wish I could freeze them at this age!
 such a fun time in life!
We also celebrated Father's  Day in Destin....Jonah gave Daddy a mug that he painted with a light saber on it and a card that played the Superman song. :)

We spent the fourth of July at the lake house, and Jonah water skied for the first time, too!  We also played lots of fun games with cousins and friends, and shot of LOTS of fireworks.  It was SO fun!

Ainsley started a Mommy and Me dance class this month....mainly, it was just an excuse for Mommy to dress her up in cute outfits and ballet slippers. :)  However, she will NOT be taking again until she can go by herself.  The Mommy and Me part didn't work out so well! :)
In July, we also got a chance to take a little trip by ourselves to Mexico.  It was much needed, and a great trip!!
Scott headed to Alaska to do some fishing....
 So Mommy and Jonah headed to the Caymans to visit the Powers, and spend some QT together before Jonah started kindergarten.  It was such a fun, special time together!
We took the kids to their first Rangers game, and if you can't tell it was a typical August in Texas baseball game! This pic is hilarious to me--they are SO hot and sweaty!
 We also got to meet Jonah's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Channon!  She is such a blessing, is a wonderful Christian lady, and is a mother of boys, so is GREAT all around!
 We had a big send off on the first day of school! Mommy didn't cry until we got out of the building. :)
 We also went to our first BU football game of the year, and it was a great season for the Bears....finally went back to a bowl game! Sic 'Em, Bears!
In September, Jonah started fall soccer and had another fun team with lots of great friends! 
 He also was part of the Little Leopards, and was matched up with a football player on the high school team, so we went to LHS games and enjoyed feeling part of the Lorena community. :)
 We (finally) took Jonah's 5 year old picture for Grammy and Dad G...and it turned out great!
As part of his training for the IronMan in May 2011, Scott did the Half IronMan in Austin...and ROCKED it!  He beat his goal by 30 minutes and finished strong.  We were SO proud!  2010 was a year of lots of races for us....we did the Cowtown Half in February, Scott did the Bearathon in March, we did the America's Run half in April, I did the Dallas tri in June, we both did TriWaco in July, the Skittles Century ride in September, Scott did this is October, and in November I did the San Antonio half and Scott did the full.  whew!  
 For Halloween, we were a super hero family, but Daddy had to miss out because poor PaPaw had emergency surgery....

Can someone please tell me HOW, HOW, HOW in the world is my baby already 2?!  I hate that time flies so quickly.  She enjoyed a sprinkle donut for her birthday breakfast, and an Olivia birthday party at Pinwheel kids with lots of her friends.

 Blowing out her 2 candles. :)  What a wonderful 2 years...I can't even remember what our family was like without her--she adds such a liveliness to our family!
 At Thanksgiving, Jonah had a fun time "helping" Dad G rake leaves and then jump in the piles. :)

What a busy, crazy, fun month!  We went to Christmas on 5th, which is always a wonderful time and we get to visit Santa...thank goodness for Mrs. Claus, b/c Ainsley wanted nothing to do with Mr. Claus! :)

 We celebrated first at Grammy and Dad G's house....
 then were at CCC for actual are the kids putting out cookies and Coke Zero for Santa. ;)  It kills me how old Ainsley looks here....scroll back up and look at January.  Un-believable how much has changed this year!
The day after birthday celebration....3-5.  ugh.
and the 3 day after birthday celebration...a big 6 year old!! His party is not until January, so that will be covered in a different post!  We also spent New Year's Eve at the drive in which was super fun, and I will post about that soon, too!

Whew!!  What a wonderful year! I am so thankful for the Lord's protection of safety over my family, and for the blessings we received.  It was truly a great year with lots of milestones.  I hope and pray that 2011 is just as great!

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